“Sundries PLAYBRICK” aka Lego Headphones

elecom_lego-620x465Today must be Elecom day, because this is the second product from the Japanese company that I am reporting on this fine Friday. Unlike the TK-TCT005BK, this particular product has a name, and it is very important that you learn it.

It is called the “Sundries PLAYBRICK”, not “Lego headphones”. I would imagine its called that to avoid any lawsuits. I’m sure that users everywhere will call them that anyway, but I’m going to try to avoid that if I can.

This isn’t the first time Elecom has had a Lego, I mean, a building block style product, as they recently unveiled the Soundblock, an iPod dock connector speaker.

The Sundries PLAYBRICK comes in six colors including blue, red, white, black, pink, and mixed colors. Now, what I want to know is: can you attach actual Lego, ahem, building bricks to these phones?

If that is the case, maybe I can make an arch of building blocks to cradle my head. Maybe I can attach wingtips to make me look like The Flash. The possibilities are pretty limitless here.

You should be able to get the Sundries PLAYBRICK for about $23, but only in Japan. It should be noted that my source doesn’t tell me how these headphones sound. I guess it doesn’t matter, because customers will use it for the Lego, I mean, PLAYBRICK!


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