Odyssey Case will let your laptop survive the airport

by Ally


Although some might glance at this laptop case and think only that it’s an insane amount of overkill.  However, those that have ever had to worry about putting their precious laptop through airport security, understand that sometimes overkill is absolutely necessary.  Plus you get the added bonus of looking mysterious and quite important while you’re lugging this case around.  It gives you that almost James Bond look that every person should be able to experience at least once in their life.

The case is made of polymer plastic, which makes it water-tight, dust-proof and lastly impact resistant.  The case uses impact resistant injection molded cases that are made of high strength polymer resin.  On the inside is a diced foam that once plucked to the shape you desire, will allow for your gear to fit perfectly within.  The case has a comfortable carrying handle that has a pressure release valve and padlock loops.  There is no actual word on pricing, but you can send in questions about the case and find out.

Source: LikeCool

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