Steampunk USB Drive with its very own docking station


If you haven’t quite had your fill of steampunk gadgets, this latest home made modification is one of the better ones out there.  Not only did the creator make an awesome USB drive, but they even made a special dock just for the USB drive that is just as high quality and detailed as the drive itself.  All around making a set up that will make people green with envy.

The USB drive itself, he doesn’t say how much data it will hold, but with looks like this, I’m not sure it really matters anymore.  Then the base only has one opening, which is specifically made for this drive.  It’ll allow data to be transferred to your computer.  The base has a light on it to let you know when the drive is plugged in.  It’d be interesting to know how much time it really took them to create this, but I guess we’ll just have to live without that information.  You can see plenty more pictures of the drive and the base by going here.

Source: GeekyGadgets