Emoticon T-Shirt lets everyone know how you feel

by Mark R

emoticon T-shirtI’ve not really into using emoticons on my Instant Messages, but I know people who can’t live without them. I’m sure that you know the type, who can’t complete a sentence without making it incomplete with a smiley face or a smile and wink.

This T-Shirt is for those who just want to let their emotions show. It requires four AAA batteries in order to work, and it even has a glow in the dark/UV reactive screen print for extra illumination. See some of the emotions that you can show after the jump.

Happy Face: Just think, the next time someone says “put on a happy face”, you can just glow it on your shirt. (Yeah, forget smiling.)

Sad Face: I suppose if you want to show the world that you’re feeling down, you could just light it up on your chest.

Winking Face: Did you ever want to start a conversation with a pretty girl? You could use this as a conversation starter. (Results may vary.)

Surprised Face: Honestly, if you actually use this face when you’re really surprised, then you probably aren’t really surprised.

You can’t beat this product for letting your heart speak your mind. It is available at the Thumbsup site for about £29.99.


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rax Says: October 18, 2009 at 3:54 pm

ok, so how are you gonna wash it? hand wash or machine?

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