g-Spout does away with spills


gspoutI’ve always looked in amazement at people in the kitchen who are able to pour out liquids from one container to another without spilling even a single drop, but with the g-Spout, you can be just like the professionals – as long as you’re willing to fork out the $12.99 asking price for it.

The g-Spout is a simple device to help you pour accurately and easily from skillets, pans, bowls and cans. It is easily attached to a skillet, double boiler, bowl or can. Made of high temperature food grade silicone, the g-Spout is microwave and dishwasher safe. The g-Spout was originally developed to encourage the environmentally responsible disposal of cooking grease and oil, and to help eliminate clogged drains and sewers. But, the g-Spout has become so much more! Customers are suggesting new uses almost every day! It’s great for making cupcakes, muffins, and pancakes without drips or baked on batter; drizzling chocolate, and caramel from a double boiler; pouring paint back into bottles; straining fruit salad, vegetables or rice; pouring sugar, salt or coffee; and of course, straining hot bacon or hamburger grease into disposable containers.

Of course, this handy gizmo need not only see action in the kitchen, it can be used in the garage, shop, RV and even the craft room. Guess the more clumsy ones among us now have a useful gadget to aid them around the house!

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