The Sharper Image Clock Radio is iPod/iPhone dock

00011007-z1I had a clock radio that was beside my bed all throughout the eighties, and this new Sharper Image Clock Radio dock for the iPod and iPhone reminds me of it.

I believe that part of Sharper Image’s re-launch is to make electronic products that are not only neat looking, but practical. And what could be more practical for life in the new millennium than an dock for the iPod or iPhone? Especially one that can double as an alarm clock.

With this Sharper Image Clock Radio, the user can wake up to the radio or some custom playlist, or just the usual beep tone. It also features a dual alarm and an auto off timer and nap feature that you can set 15, 30, 45, and 60 minutes.

It is powered by two AA batteries (not included) or AC power, and the sound is to be expected from 2 inch speakers with 6 watts each. Of course, it does come with a handy remote control, that does include the battery. By the way, the remote has a snooze/nap button, which will make it easy to sleep through the alarm, doesn’t it?

You can get The Sharper Image Clock Radio Dock for the iPhone or iPod for about $99.99 on The Sharper Image site.