Power Extension USB 4 Port Hub

by Ally


There are a lot of USB hubs out there that come in every shape and form.  This one I can’t help but appreciate.  It’s straight forward and nice and simple.  It’s not some silly pink bunny rabbit with multiple ports jammed into it or anything equally silly.  Nor does it feature R2D2’s body, which admittedly is awesome, but plain is nice for a change.

The hub will allow for up to 4 of your favorite USB gadgets to be plugged into it.  Not only does it come with the simple little port, it also has an extension cord to plug into your computer.  Although the cord doesn’t exactly look long.  This is one gadget that won’t draw any attention to itself while it’s sitting out.  You can purchase the Power Extension USB 4 Port Hub for $15 from USB Geek.

Source:  CraziestGadgets

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