LiteCup prevents spills and doubles as night light

by Ally


There are some that prefer to go to bed at night with a glass of water, for those that do, this cup would be the best to have by your side.  You won’t have to worry as much about knocking it over in your sleep or while you’re attempting to get the alarm clock to stop beeping at you first thing in the morning.  It also will give a soft glow for those that don’t like their bedroom completely dark.  All around, it’s a great bedside cup to have.

When I was much younger I preferred to sleep with a cup next to me, but when I moved to an area that seemed to have mutant sized spiders I stopped.  I never wanted to end up somehow drinking a drowned spider while I was half asleep.  Well had I owned this cup, I never would have had to worry about that.  In order to drink from the cup, you just start to sip on the cup, which will open the valve.  After you’ve removed your lips from the cup, it will close back up again.  The cup is dishwasher safe and the light will last up to three months from normal use.  You can purchase the cup for £5.99 or about $9.50.

Source: SwitchedonSet

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