Sharp DKAP7 Docking Station for your iPod


Although Sharp isn’t well known for their iPod docks, you might want to check out their new one.  Sharp has recently released a brand new docking station that will not only play your music off of your iPod, but look great doing it.  It doesn’t stand out a ton for the design, but the red and black version of the dock is bound to attract at least a little attention from your guests.

Although red and black isn’t an astounding color difference from the usual color choices, this one just looks great.  It just has that hot rod red look that makes you want to put it out on display.  Then for those that don’t really want an audio device that stands out, there’s always the silver and black combination.  These docks come with a built-in subwoofer that incorporates HDSS technology and a 2.1 channel portable speaker system.  The dock will play and charge your 4th generation iPod as well as allowing other iPods and MP3 players to be hooked up through the jack.  You can purchase the Sharp DKAP7 for £69.99 or about $101.

Source: TechFresh

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