Digital Peephole Viewer

by Mark R

digitalpeeholeviewerI’m sure that most of you have received a knock at the door from an uninvited guest, and you looked through the peephole to see who it is. What you usually see is some person with an overly-sized head. Now are you going to let that person in?

At least with the Digital Peephole Viewer, you actually get to see what the person looks like. This device is designed to fit in an ordinary peephole without any external camera or fancy wiring. Chances are, it will only take about five minutes for installation. Of course, this is one of those “five minute” projects that take an hour after set up and take down.

However, it might be worth it just to get a clearer view of who’s at the door. Just between you and me, I probably wouldn’t let the guy in the photo in. He looks like some salesman or a purveyor of a religion that I don’t want.

As for operation, it is as simple as pushing a button and pushing it again for a zoom-in shot. It requires AA batteries for operation, which will be good for about 1,700 views. You can get the Digital Peephole Viewer for about $138, but it is only available in Australia, for now. At least it’s cheaper than the Digital Door Viewer.


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Dan Fowler Says: October 6, 2009 at 2:09 pm

For anyone having difficulty seeing, the better choice would be the Digital Door ViewerTM from First View Security. The First View Security unit has a 5.6 inch LCD display, more than twice as large as the Brinno Digital Peephole Viewer. And true to its name the Digital Peephole Viewer still uses a fisheye type peephole lens in front of the camera. According to the Brinno Specifications their peephole has a viewing angle of 190 degrees, the camera optical lens has a viewing angle of only 54 degrees and that the unit compensates for fish eye distortion. The Digital Door Viewer of First View Security entirely eliminates the peephole fisheye lens and the distortion that it produces.

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