Okoro unveils new 2010 Quantum mini Digital Entertainment Systems



Okoro Media Systems is pretty famous for their range of digital entertainment systems in the A/V market, and the company recently introduced its 2010 Quantum mini Digital Entertainment Systems that will come in the form of the OMS-Q100 and the OMS-Q200. Both models will come in extremely small footprints, making sure you can place them discreetly in your home without sticking out like a sore thumb. The 2010 Quantum minis were specially designed to hold your entire collection of digital music, photos and movies together, even letting you record High Definition TV programming for viewing later on. This is a classic case of not being fooled by its size – the mini machines you see here (no taller than a regular can of COke!) are powerful enough to handle 1080p Blu-ray movie playback while upscaling your existing collection of DVDs without breaking a sweat. In addition to the aforementioned HDTV recording capability, both models can handle HD program recording of up to two channels simultaneously – regardless of whether you’re relying on an antenna, cable or satellite TV.

The Quantum minis are not only small, they’re powerful and were manufactured to be so discreet that they run cool and quiet. Individual units will come with a quiet active cooling technology which will enable the unit register a barely audible sound, which comes in handy in a home theater environment. The OMS-QX100 will be powered by a low powered Intel mobile processor, whereas the QX200 is based on the Nvidia ION processor that has been proven to offer an above average performance without sipping too much juice, especially when it comes to video decoding technology. Shared features include HDMI 1.3 outputs, Blu-ray/DVD drives and a low power consumption of under 50 Watts. If you’re not looking forward to a regular black color, there is always the option to pick up special versions that come in an unlimited number of color combinations.

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