Vook combines reading, video, and social networking

vookVook? What is a vook? Is a vook a book? I would like to look at a book that is a vook. I could look at vid on a vook, and tap into my FaceBook.

That is the Dr. Seuss description of this product. The vook, or virtual book, is designed by Simon and Schuster’s publishing house, and allows you to read a book, then watch video about the book, and uplink to Facebook so you can talk about it.

Now, you might be thinking: “Oh come on, just read the book or watch the movie, don’t do both”. Yes, I would have to agree with that, but think of what vook could do to the how-to book industry.

For example, if you get a vook cookbook, you can not only read the recipe, but watch a chef prepare the dish on a video. Then, you can follow the easy example, and, after you have eaten it, you can share with your Facebook friends about how good or bad it really is.

So, is there any chance that this will compete with the ebook reader market? Perhaps vook could go hand and hand for those who have Kindles. These vooks are only $6.99 for the PC Platform, and $4.99 for the iPhone version.