AverMedia AVerVision 355AF portable interactive document camera

avermedia-355afAverMedia’s latest AVerVision 355AF portable interactive document camera ought to come in handy if you happen to work in an office that requires you to scan a whole lot of documents day in, day out, through various rooms and areas across different floors. Having a dedicated scanner in one place won’t be that effective then, would it? The AVerVision 355AF portable interactive document camera will offer a greater amount of flexibility, where it will feature a mechanical arm display device that boasts a full 1080p High Definition output as well as a 5-megapixel camera head that will bring first in class clarity and image quality. In addition, the 355AF holds the distinction of being the first document camera that is able to offer one touch video and audio recording straight onto a USB flash drive, doing away with the traditional middleman whose role is often fulfilled by a PC. Apart from that, you can also take down videos with audio thanks to the on-board microphone in a similar manner, making it ideal to create podcasts on-the-fly.

Plagued with a backlog of larger documents and objects? Fret not – the 355AF will boast an expanded 11″ x 14″ viewing area, letting one view student projects and ledger sized objects in crystal clarity, while those who want to zoom in on the finer details can always rely on the powerful 80x total zoom which will include the 10x AVEROPTICAL. Other presentation features include Split Screen, Picture in Picture, AVerBox and AVerVisor. Those whose vocation is in the classroom will realize that lessons and demonstrations can be injected with new life by integrating it seamlessly with the new AVer+ software which is compatible with both Mac and PC platforms. The AVerVision 355AF will retail for $799.99 a pop. Any takers? We’re sure an office drone somewhere would love to have this for Christmas…

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