Power Loader Exoskeleton can help you lift 220 pounds

PowerLoaderI’m sure you all remember the classic scene in Aliens where Sigourney Weaver enters the room wearing that bulky, yellow, and yet powerful Power Loader suit and heroically exclaims: “Get away from her, you b___h!” Man, did that make the Mother Alien say: “oh, s__t!”

I remember reading a screenwriting book that talked about how awkward that scene would have been if that Power Loader not been given proper introduction in an earlier scene. In fact, when that movie first introduces the Power Loader, I knew it was going to work its way into the film much later.

After all, it was too cool not to. It appears that a company called Activelink, a Panasonic subsidiary based in Kyoto, Japan, has created one in real life. There is a video of it after the jump.

This Power Loader (named after the once-imaginary construction equipment/armor from James Cameron’s classic) has 18 electromagnetic motors that allow its user to lift 220 pounds. Unfortunately, it actually weighs 500 pounds, and moves slowly on its hydraulic feet.

Activelink expects to have this Power Loader out helping relief crews soon, but not until 2015. Hopefully they will have a less bulky model by then, but I don’t think it will be in construction yard yellow like Ripley’s. I’m liking the silver color on this Power Loader.