Helix Wind Turbines offer alternative clean energy



Interestingly enough, while we’re thinking about how to cut down our energy consumption, did we ever pause and give thought to just how much juice cell towers require around the clock so that you are always within reach of a signal? That’s where the Helix Wind Turbines comes in, offering an alternative source of clean energy to keep your cell towers going round the clock without emitting any additional carbon footprints onto our ecosystem. The use of this will help reduce cell tower operating costs and lower the CO2 impact of cellphone use, coming in an elegant yet unobtrusive design. They’re naturally quiet, and are able to pay for themselves within half a year by generating enough energy. Trials will start from this November in the US and Africa, so hopefully the rest of the world will catch up as well.

Source: Inhabitat

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russ Says: October 1, 2009 at 10:30 pm

Pay for themselves within half a year? Hah!

Buy one and you will soon see that it will be lucky if it ever pays for itself.

Much has been written about small wind turbines and VAWT’s – little good. Many of these are just attempts to get into the incentive/subsidy money available presently.

Do a lot of research before starting to get serious about this type of generator!

Jeff68 Says: October 6, 2009 at 7:53 am

These things might actually pay for themself over time. But how much of that will we see as a cell phone user. We are still charged way more then running cost. So any savings from the company will go straight to the head CEO’s as usual. Not of interest to average joe’s.

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