HTPC Remote with Wireless Keyboard

by Mark R

htpc_remoteOne of the problems with the keyboards made for HTPCs (Home Theater Personal Computers) is they tend to be too big and bulky. Unless you have a Logitech diNovo Mini, you might want to look at this very intriguing Wireless Keyboard and HTPC remote.

Yes, that is what this is, not some new version of BlackBerry or some prototype version of the Palm Pre. This is a wireless keyboard that works via wireless dongle, and that “screen” that you see is a touchpad.

According to the official sales site, it can be used for many applications in presentation including: changing slides, selecting screen options, writing on a projected image, as well as emphasize words and objects with dynamically inserted lines.

In addition to its ability to help presentations, it can be used on the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and Nintendo Wii. It is also good for those for those who love to watch internet TV on their PC.

In addition to being a HTPC remote control, it is an IPTV remote control, or CarPC remote control. I suppose this makes it a double 3-in-1, as it is a keyboard, mouse, and touchpad.

If you want to get this one, feel free to go to this particular website and get it for $40 in black and white.


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SailorDude42 Says: April 1, 2011 at 1:01 am

This thing looks….weird. I’m happy with my Rii Touch N7! Definately a good choice for HTPC.

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