Hands On Review of the Adesso AKB-210 Flexible Mini Keyboard

by Mark R

AKB-210I’ve always thought that those flexible keyboards like the Flexible Illuminated Full Sized Keyboard from Brando looked so cool, until I tried one out for myself.

Yeah, this is going to be one of those reviews. I hate to say bad words about an Adesso product, a company who also makes the 19-key USB Numeric Keypad and Optical Mouse, but I don’t blame it on shotty workmanship.

No, I usually only give bad reviews of products that don’t work on principle. That is, a product that doesn’t work even if it was functioning at top capacity. In the case of the Adesso AKB-210, I found that I could not type very well on it.

Simply put, the keys had to be hit dead center, and hard, or it would not register. The spacebar failed more times that I would count, and the Shift Key on the right side was in the same place as the “up” arrow on my laptop. In short, I was unable to type without typos.

Now, I realize that I just bad-mouthed this product more than I ever have any product in the past, but I will say that it is waterproof and durable. If you are looking to work in an environment where you need a keyboard that can stand rigourous conditions, then the AKB-210 is for you. However, you will have to learn how to type again. I’ve heard that human beings can adapt to anything, so it probably won’t take long to get used to this keyboard.

If you want to try it for yourself, head over to the Adesso site and pay $29.99.

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Isaac Says: September 30, 2009 at 11:52 am

Don’t feel bad about a bad review. If all of your reviews are shiny and happy then your credibility of a reviewer will soon be questioned. If it doesn’t work well it doesn’t work well.

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