Louisville Slugger Baseball Bat for the Nintendo Wii

by Ally


There are plenty of Wii games around that require you to swing, well for those baseball themed ones, now you can really swing something.  This Louisville Slugger will give a far more realistic aspect to the game when you need to be swinging.  Of course this also means among kids that there’s more likely to be some minor injuries.  Then again, you don’t really have to buy something like this for the younger ones if you have them.  You’re obviously a worthy recipient of such an accessory.

The bat is pretty self explanatory.  You just pop in the remote and away it goes.  Don’t worry, if you do happen to actually swing and connect with someone’s head, it won’t really hurt them.  They might be a touch angry, but the bat is actually made out of foam.  That foam will make it much more safe to use with kids around.  It’s a pretty cheap addition to go in with your other Wii accessories.  You can purchase it for $14.99 from Toys R Us.

Source: SlipperyBrick

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Cheap Nintendo Wii Says: April 27, 2010 at 8:00 am

Well what’s the point of having a bat that made out of foam?? :S It won’t feel like the real thing and it certainly wont provide the same sense of satisfaction as holding an actual bat.

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