Twin Socket Battery Charger charges batteries in your car


If you have a gadget you rely heavily on that requires AA batteries, you might invest in this battery charger.  It’s always nice to have a battery charger at home, but if you’re outside of the house when your gadget dies, that won’t help you.  Usually that leaves you stuck buying new batteries, well instead of doing that you can charge up your batteries within your car.

This battery charger allows for you to charge 2 AA batteries at one time.  It also has a adjustable plug-in that allows for you to put the charger at the ideal angle for your comfort.  At the front of the charger it also has a built-in LED reading light.  It can be used to read a map while you’re on the road, which is better than flipping on that excessively bright dome light.  The charger comes with 2 AA rechargeable batteries when you purchase the kit.  It’ll cost you all together $12.49 from Wagan Tech.

Source: TechFresh