Steampunk Arcade Machine gets a horror movie theme


There is never a shortage of various forms of arcade machines.  Usually they are fairly simple in design, but this one is far from simple.  Instead this horror movie lover took his inspiration from the classic horror movies.  That in turn gives this arcade machine a steampunk look that most people could appreciate year round.  Even if it does have a design that some would only consider appropriate right around Halloween.

This is one of those jobs that someone did themselves, so you won’t be able to find this one and simply purchase it.  However, for those of you that are good with your hands, this would be a great way to get some new ideas.  The creator doesn’t exactly show how to do the machine step by step.  He does at least provide numerous pictures at all different stages of the development though.  He also shows pictures of various quirks he’s added to give the machine a very unique look.  One of which being a very green side panel that shows Frankenstein’s monster’s face.  A PC runs the machine so that he can play his games as well as listen to his favorite music.  You can check out all of the pictures on the creator’s blog.

Source: Gizmowatch

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