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Sony has seen the wisdom behind Nintendo’s motion control system that is employed in the Wii, helping an inferior hardware platform to achieve dominance in terms of sales across the globe due to its once-labelled “gimmicky” waggle controls. Well, they recently announced that they too, will be jumping aboard the motion control bandwagon in the near future with what looks like a simple microphone, and today we have confirmation from Sony Computer Entertainment that they will be rolling out a new Motion Controller for the PS3 as early as spring next year. Bear in mind the name Motion Controller is a temporary one as the boffins at Sony have yet to decide on a permanent name for this.

This new controller will come with high-precision, highly accurate motion sensors to help immerse yourself even more fully in whatever new game that is coming your way. Apparently, it is touted to offer a whole new entertainment experience on the PS3 but there is one drawback – you will need to have the PlayStation Eye camera before you can make use of the Motion Controller, so too bad for folks who are thinking they don’t have to fork out too much money in order to take advantage of this good news. The PlayStation Eye camera can recognize and track a user’s face in addition to voice and body motion, while sending an output of the player’s image onto the TV display. No doubt Sony will try to push this feature across to the general market as much as possible in order to generate even more buzz with hope of drawing more people to their console.

As for the new Motion Controller, it will come with a couple of motion sensors, three axes gyroscope and three axes accelerometer which is able to tell the controller’s current angle and movement which is in a firm grip of the user. The PlayStation Eye will ensure that the controller’s position is accurately tracked to its absolute position, while the sphere located on top of the controller offers visual feedback to users by changing its colors or illuminating the sphere with various patterns. Expect rumble feature to be implemented as well – guess button mashing will be a thing of the past. We’re interested to see what kind of titles will roll out that won’t be as “gimmicky” as the Wii’s. Image from Joystiq.

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