Leaked Tablet from Microsoft looks bookish

by James
Is the Microsoft Courier a Tablet PC or a new category altogether?

Is the Microsoft Courier a Tablet PC or a new category altogether?

The rush for Tablet PCs in the Cupertino rumor mill has so far produced zip, zero, nada. Donut hole. But now there comes word from Redmond that Microsoft may be working on a book like Tablet PC code named “Courier.”

Containing two seven inch multi touch screens in opposition, Courier has the promise to not only be an awesome computing device, but a fantastic tool for everyone from artists to movie makers to doctors. Users can draw and write using the included stylus, or navigate using the multi touch screen interface on both sides. Other features include a built in camera, home button on the inner spine, wireless internet access, GPS locator, simple note taking and handwriting recognition, and will no doublt include some interesting multimedia style applications.

No word on when Courier will be available or if it will run Vista or some proprietary OS, but the video over at The Giz shows something most decidedly un Vista like.

Worth keeping an eye on, but one has to wonder that since Apple has so far resisted Tablet fever, does Steve Jobs know something about this category of PCs we don’t?

On thing is certain, it’d make an awesome eBook reader.

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