Guiding Light Mailbox is solar powered


This is one of those gadgets that might be useful, but your neighbors are going to hate you for it.  It’s always a pain when you’re trying to find a house and everyone has numbers posted that can barely be seen.  Well with this mailbox you’ll make sure that anyone that can find your house.  It has a bright light behind the numbers, the light will allow for people to see your mailbox from half a football field away.  I’m sure the neighbors will just love that.

At least it manages to keep that bright light up and running in an eco-friendly manner.  It has a solar panel on the top.  You won’t have to worry too much about cloudy days causing issues for the light either.  Since all it takes is 4 hours of sunlight to keep it charged for 4 days in a row.  The mailbox isn’t out just yet, you’ll be able to purchase this as of October 1st.  At that point it’ll cost you $79.99, which for those of you who live in rural areas might be a bit much.  Especially considering with that bright light is like begging for someone to knock your mailbox over.

Source: TreeHugger

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  1. I actually just picked one up today. I wanted to get something like this for a while now. We had a situation a couple years ago when my uncle was having a seizure and EMT passed the house twice because they could see the number. Now that I have children–even more importance. Worth the money!!

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