Audiovox offers rear-seat entertainment with PS2



Holidays in the form of road trips can be fun if they’re well planned and if you happen to have generally well behaved passengers and a loving co-pilot who won’t get upset at you even though you don’t want to stop and ask for directions, preferring instead to rely on your navigational instincts (or rather, the lack of it), especially after the GPS system has died due to the lack of battery power. Audiovox could come in handy to defer the dreaded question, “Are we there yet?” for the umpteenth time by your once-bundles of joy in the back seat, thanks to their VOD10PS2 Mobile Video PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system.

While most parents might have already installed an LCD display and a DVD player to keep passengers at the back quiet and mesmerized by the latest Teletubbies or Barney episode, the VOD10PS2 Mobile Video PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system offers something different, as it will integrated an actual PS2 into the Audiovox overhead video system in a seamless manner without the need to throw in additional hardware or drape even more wires across the back seat passengers. This is handy, as it allows folks behind to enjoy one of many hundreds of quality titles that are available on the PS2, while they can always pop in a DVD once they get bored of a game or can’t quite get pass a certain level without the gaming prowess and assistance of dad.

You will find that the VOD10PS2 comes with a generous 10.2″ LCD screen with built-in dome light and an aspect ratio of 16:9, where it will also include just about everything you require to start gaming right out of the box – these include a couple of wireless game controllers, two fold-flat IR wireless headphones and two PlayStation 2 game titles (Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando and Hot Shots Golf 3). Each $949.99 purchase will come with a remote control and a built-in 16 channel FM Modulator with FM transmitter function.

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