Remote Controlled Demolition Derby

rc-demo-derbyDestroying can be fun sometimes, as there is always a feeling of satisfaction when it comes to starting from a new slate. Well, if you love demolishing stuff, the Remote Controlled Demolition Derby might be your cup of tea.

These are the remote controlled cars that can be repeatedly smashed to create unlimited demolition derbies. When the cars are crashed head-on into each other or their hoods and doors will dislodge; a hit to the rear pops the roof and a door (Play Video.) The parts can be easily pushed back into place for continued smashing. The remote controls forward, backward, left, and right movement. Two ramps and four cones are included, allowing you to create obstacle courses or stunts.

We’d strongly recommend getting rechargeable batteries for this though, as the set will require 10 AAA batteries before you can get started. While it has been labeled as “Ages 3 and up”, we’re sure you can come up with some fun game in your drunken haze with the $49.95 Remote Controlled Demolition Derby.