LED Tent Stake helps prevent minor injuries from tripping

by Ally


I’m what you might call excessively clumsy.  I usually have random mysterious bruises from me running into the coffee table and various other things.  I also enjoy camping, so you can imagine what kind of accidents would happen in the dark with stakes jabbed into the ground that are attached to strings that are always close to impossible to see in the dark.  Finally someone has created a very simple gadget to solve that issue for those of us with clumsy tendencies.

This small plastic stake will work like any other stake.  You just pound it into the ground to hold one of the strings that hold up your tent.  It also has a small LED light that will remain shining brightly for up to 5 hours.  You can turn it on or off by unscrewing or screwing the metal clasp.  Five hours may not be long, but it doesn’t need to last the entire night.  It only needs to last while you’re awake.  In order to keep the lights powered you’ll need to put in 4 of the LR41 batteries.  You can purchase each stake individually for $3.72.

Source: CraziestGadgets

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