World War II Bags with built-in solar panels and iPod controls

by Ally


Vintage is always something that in some shape or form it manages to be in style.  It’s not always the same type vintage things or the same era, but vintage influence is always there.  Well for those that enjoy vintage bags, these durable bags will appeal to your gadget loving side.  These are fully authentic German World War II bags.  They’ve survived this long, so I imagine they can handle your day to day life.  Plus they manage to keep your gadgets charged and control your iPod.

These bags are said to be the first to combine wearable solar panels and iPod controls in one place.  Which means you get to charge your gadgets in a convenient and eco-friendly manner.  These durable bags would be great for those of you that like to take your technology into the great outdoors.  Of course being such unique bags, you’re going to have a hard time getting your hands on one.  They are only going to release 20 of these bags per year.  Plus you’ll have to head to Vancouver to visit the shop called ARChitect.

Source: GadgetLab

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