MaruBot Football League better than soccer video game

01_img02-thumb-550x403-24530Just when I am still reeling after Space Foosball, another electronic tabletop game that requires the player to stand comes my way.

Introducing MaruBot Football League, a new way of playing soccer on the table. As you can see, miniature robots rest safely under glass, and it is up to the four players (two on one team, two on the other) to control them.

These players are moved by joystick controls, and their goal is to make goals. Oddly enough, these robots have LEDs in their eyes that indicate emotions. So if the other team scores a goal, they look flat and sad. If you make a goal, the eyes look wide and happy. Check out a mini photo gallery after the jump to see for yourself.

Apparently, this game is a big hit in Korea, but I have yet to see it where I live in the United States. Then again, it’s not like I visit video arcades anymore.

Perhaps MaruBot Football League could breathe life into the arcades that are still around. That, or perhaps a home version could be made using a billiard table and four remote control robots. Or you could use two robots, as there are two-player versions of MaruBot Football League available.

All I can say is that it looks like fun.