PURE Sensia Touchscreen radio does quite a lot

by Mark R

pureradioWhat you’re looking at here is the PURE Sensia, an Internet radio that has a touchscreen with lots of other features.

For example, it supports FM, DAB, DAB+, as well as Internet radio, which means it can get just about anything. You can listen to the sound via the cool-looking side speakers on the side. Hopefully there is some sort of way of hooking up speakers if you want to do that as well.

Since you can get Internet radio, is there any reason why you can’t get Wi-Fi? None that I can think of, and the Sensia gives the user access to “widgets” that plug into sites like Facebook, Twitter, and other sites you might like to peruse every once in a while.

Some of you might complain about the color, as that ugly McDonalds arches yellow might clash with your room. There is a picture of an orange PURE Sensia on the PURE Sensia website, so I imagine that it comes in many colors. The one thing that I won’t complain about is that remote, which has a nice aesthetic design.

The PURE Sensia should be available for about $400, which is a little expensive for a radio, even one that is Wi-Fi connected. I’ll let you decide whether its nice look makes up for it.


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