ClearOne CHAT 160 now available


Are you one who spends plenty of time chatting with family, friends and colleagues through VoIP programs, and Skype in particular? Chances are regular users for extended periods of time won’t settle for anything that is generic which tend to get uncomfortable after a while (talking about headphones here), but won’t mind forking out a little bit extra to get the comfort and quality that they are looking for. We’re pleased to announce that ClearOne has heard this clarion call, offering the CHAT 160 group speakerphone that was specially designed to be used with Skype software. This Skype Certified CHAT 160 is also the latest release from a growing family of award-winning USB speakerphones from ClearOne.

You can hook up the ClearOne CHAT 160 group speakerphone to notebooks and computers in a snap thanks to USB connectivity, offering natural, hands-free communication for anyone who is using Skype. This powerful full-duplex device is able to deliver crystal-clear audio for voice and video communication, where it ain’t a bad looker at the same time to add that touch of class to your cubicle or meeting room. After all, the CHAT 160’s sleek industrial design complements any professional environment, and was specially designed for small group conferencing by integrating a trio of sensitive microphones that are well capable of providing 360 degree pickup for Skype users needing high-quality, hands-free audio.

Other features found on the CHAT 160 include the ability to offer wideband audio performance with HDConference, a suite of audio technologies contained in ClearOne’s world famous professional conferencing systems. HDConference will be able to deliver full duplex, Distributed Echo Cancellation, noise reduction, automatic level controls and adaptive modeling for crystal clear communications. Even better news is this will be 100% plug-and-play, where there is no need to install any software or drivers beforehand, making it idea for use in small conference rooms and executive or home offices. Expect to fork out $399.99 for the ClearOne CHAT 160.

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