Cicada LED Knife


cicada-led-knifeWhile it might be called the Cicada LED Knife, it doesn’t have an annoying buzzing sound (to some), but will instead save your bacon out of tight situations without you even realizing it. After all, it comes in a compact, easy-to-carry shape and carries all the essential tools you require to get, well, things done. After all, you can never tell what might happen in an emergency.

The small oval shape contains a high carbon steel pen knife blade that is razor sharp and useful for many cutting tasks. It also has small precision scissors. It’s not designed for big jobs, but it comes in handy for cutting and trimming. Just push the button forward and it’s a bright little LED flashlight, really useful in dark entryways. There’s also a very productive bottle opener for your favorite sodas and microbrews, because we have found most of the best beverages require a bottle opener to enjoy.

You can pick this up for $21.99 – small price to pay considering how it might just help you out during those unforseen circumstances.

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