Burton Liquid Lounger with weather resistant speakers


Those of you that won’t be hiding out indoors all the time now that the weather is cooling off, might still be interested in the more outdoorsy gadgets.  This cooler will keep your drinks and snacks nice and cool, all the while keeping your music playing and nearby.  The durable bag is made to be outdoors, so you won’t have to worry about damaging it as much as you would a normal speaker that isn’t exactly made for rainy days.

The bag comes in two different colors, one is Bollywood Native Plaid and the other just simply True Black.  Both come packed full of pockets to help you store things besides food.  The stereo system that includes a speaker, amp and auxiliary input are all weather resistant.  Of course that means you shouldn’t toss this to the bottom of a lake and still expect it to work.  However, it will hold up to a bit of rain.  The cooler portion is said to be perfect to hold a 24-pack of your beverage of choice.  You can purchase the cooler for $199.95.

Source: ChipChick