USB Rocking Teddy Bear

rockbearNow here’s something you don’t see every day – the $47 USB Rocking Teddy Bear. This plush bear might look soft enough to hug whenever you’re about to call it a night, but he comes with an added caveat – built-in hi-fi speakers that are able to pump out your favorite tunes from your iPod, iPhone or portable media player of choice (as long as it is compatible with the 3.5mm jack, that is). He is connected through a USB cord where he derives power from, although those who tend to be portable can always tote around a quartet of AA batteries with them. Not only will he “sing” your tunes, he will even perform a little dance – not something that will amuse your boss, but it might just catch the eye of that hot-looking secretary.

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  1. I wish to purchase a USB rocking Teddy ? Con you help please. Thanking you Don fraser. Happy New Year.

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