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So you’re extremely happy with your new iPhone 3GS, and are actively searching for means and ways to enhance your iPhone experience regardless of where you are. Newton Peripherals could have the answer, where they will lend their expertise in integrated mobile peripherals to come up with the new MoGo Talk for the iPhone. Just in case you were wondering what a contraption known as MoGo Talk for iPhone is, this is touted to be the first ultra-thin integrated Bluetooth headset in the world, measuring no thicker than 5mm while being stored on the back of your iPhone. In addition, it will also have its batteries charged up in the process, giving users the convenience of a charged headset at all times. This has led me to think though, won’t charging the MoGo Talk sip even more juice from your iPhone’s battery, which leaves you with less battery than before to carry out conversations? Well, at least we do know the MoGo Talk’s minimalist design will allow one to fold the headset flat easily, snapping it in and out of its protective case in a jiffy.

It isn’t all flash with the MoGo Talk for iPhone as it will feature a potent combination of patent pending SoundShape noise blocking, comfort fit ear tips, high fidelity balanced armature audio drivers and rich SmartAudio processing to provide you with the best audio quality possible whenever you’re holding a conversation. When combined, these elements will do away with previous nuinsances such as noise, echo and wind interference. The MoGo Talk’s patent pending folding boom also makes sure the headset can be folded flat to a mere 5mm low-profile for easy and convenient storage – just don’t forget you’ve placed it in your wallet and sit on it accidentally.

You will get up to 4 hours of active noise compensation talktime with this, where it can standby for up to a week. Expect MoGo Talk for iPhone to retail for $129.99 when available.

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