Matrix printer promises 3d printing at 2d prices

by James
The MCor Matrix 3D Printer

The MCor Matrix 3D Printer

Rapid prototyping, 3D printing, additive manufacturing … no matter what you call it, the ability to be able to design something in 3D and print it from your desktop is an idea that finally has had technology catch up with it. But up until now, it’s always been way too expensive to invest in. But Matrix may change all that, promising 3D printing at 2d prices.

Made and marketed by MCor Technologies, which was recently nominated for a World Technology award, the Matrix 3D printer is able to print and create 3D objects laserjet-style using regular sheets of paper. The process is pretty cool.

Cutting layer by layer, the Matrix uses paper to create a 3D object

Cutting layer by layer, the Matrix uses paper to create a 3D object

The Matrix applies a water soluble adhesive in between sheets to paper which not only combines them, but reinforces them as well. Then, a tungsten carbide blade comes along and slices away the un needed paper and the remainder is simply stacked, thereby building the 3D image one page at a time. If colored parts are desired, colored paper can be used. When completed, the 3D image can be hardened and even sanded as the fial product is said to resembled wood in its feel and constituency.

The Matrix looks like a microwave on steroids, and promises operating costs fifty times cheaper than current rapid prototyping solutions. Currently on sale in Ireland and the UK, the Matrix is scheduled to ship globally sometime next year.

Hat Tip – The Ferret

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Ingyneer Says: September 20, 2009 at 6:42 pm

I had a feeling something like this would have happened before 2010….

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