Sungale 3.5 inch LCD comes with lamp (or is it the other way around?)

SungaledesklampThe first thing I thought of when I saw Sungale’s new desk lamp was that it reminded me of some prop on The Prisoner.

That, or some other weird sixties British science-fiction show where the set designers thought they were being futuristic, but it ends up looking completely ridiculous by today’s standards.

In other words, I can just see agent John Steed sitting at his desk, turn on the two-way communication screen with his umbrella, and utter “Miss Peel, we’re needed”.

I realize that some of you might not get The Avengers reference, and that’s fine. However, you should admire Sungale’s retro-looking combination of a lamp and digital picture frame.

The screen has a 320 x 240 resolution, and has 512 MB. It can be expanded with SD, MMC, or Memory stick for photo and videos. It also has a calendar and clock, as well as capacity for playing back MP3s.

Controls are located below the screen for the photos, music, and video. To the right are the interface controls for the main menu and on the left is the adjustable lighting for the 5-watt bulb.

All this for a low price of $90. I suppose if you were doing your home in theme of “The Village” then this would be your accessory.


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  1. I hate to be “that guy,” but it’s Mrs. Peel. That’s why their relationship was so chaste. Besides, for a true 60’s future feel, shouldn’t it be futurist white in color?

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