LED Neon Sphere Bottle Stoppers

by Ally


If you’re planning on having a party, then here’s a little extra mood lighting for the event.  It’s a little more subtle than strings upon strings of lights, but it’s not quite what many would call classy.  They would be neat to have though if you had a table of bottles lined up that needed bottle stoppers.  They’ll be especially great for those of you with a thing for bright neon lights, since these do at least mimic neon lighting.

The bottle stoppers are battery powered and although they don’t actually say what type of batteries are needed, the batteries are included upon purchasing these little lights.  Each one of these comes in a bundle of three with three different colors.  You don’t actually get to choose a set of all the same color.  The colors you’ll get are red, blue and green.  Although, frankly the red does look a touch on the pink side of things.  You can purchase the set of 3 for $19.99 from Perpetual Kid.

Source: GreenHead

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