Guitar Hero, without the console?

by Mark R

guitar-hero-logoYesterday, I reported on the Domyos Interactive System, an exercise video game that doesn’t require a specific console to play. Now it would appear that music video games may soon be played sans console as well.

Recently, Activision CEO Bobby Kotick announced that “you should expect to see many of our products to be playable on the television independent of a console”.

Well, we all know what Activision makes, besides those really cool Atari 2600 games like Pitfall and Starmaster in the eighties. They are the big cheese behind Guitar Hero!

Surely they could make a Guitar Hero game that would plug right into the television itself, and would play the game based on the memory inside of it.

Of course, how much memory could it really store? Eventually, the user would get tired of the songs on their controller/game system and would want more.

Perhaps Activation should make this controller with an SD card, so they could use downloaded content from other sites, or even view photos or listen to audio tracks.

Well, that just sounds good, doesn’t it? Of course, all of this console-less Guitar Hero games is just nothing more than a rumor for now. If they do make this product, I guarantee the Guitar Hero fad will become greater as non-gamers will be playing it.


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