Flashlight Speed Holster holds spare flashlight batteries

by Ally


We’ve always seen that scene in the horror and thriller flicks where someone drops the flashlight.  It’s of course always followed up by some spooky creature killing them or just scaring them to death.  Now if they had this holster, they might have survived the movie.  It also takes care of when those pesky flashlights die.  It will keep the extra batteries within reach for when the flashlight goes out at a highly inconvenient moment.

Within the holster it can be turned to shine light at all different angles.  Allowing you to choose the ideal angle for whatever it is you happen to be doing. This holster would also be great for anyone that needs to work with their hands, but still needs something to light their way.  The holster will hold a total of 3 different batteries.  You can also choose to put the flashlight on either your left or right side.  The holster can handle three different sizes of flashlight.  You can purchase the holster for $17 from Brando.

Source: Crunchgear

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