USB Hub With Clip Holder

by Ally


It’s been established before that there are few gadgets left that only perform a single function.  Well this is what happens when they’re desperate for another function, but don’t want to put a whole lot more money into the gadget.  Just put some USB ports on it and then hollow out the inside.  Presto, you have a place to hide paper clips.  Just what you always wanted, a paper clip holder.  It does more than that though, it hides them away behind a tiny door when you don’t want to se them.

I know how ugly paper clips can be, so it’s best to keep them well hidden.  Of course you could hide other small items within the device as well.  To open the little trap it appears that you just rotate the end of the hub and it will pop open.  The hub has a total of 4 ports to plug in your other gadgets.  You can purchase the USB Hub With Clips Holder for $12 from Gadget4all.

Source: PocketLint

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