HP launches App Store for TouchSmart Printers

by Mark R

App Store HPA few months ago, we covered the HP’s Photosmart Premium web-connected printer, which is due to be released at the end of the month. It would appear that HP is borrowing a page from the Apple playbook as the Photosmart is also slated to have its own App store.

Since the Photosmart comes with Touchsmart Web technology, it allows the user access to the web via 4.33 inch touchscreen. A user can access the App store by hitting the “Get More” option on this screen.

From there, it becomes a virtual shopping network as the user can access many applications that are represented by small icons. There is also a place for user ratings, reviews, and even a place to submit future applications.

Current applications include Snapfish, Google Maps, Coupons.com, Weathernews Inc., and Fandango. There are lots of fun apps like Dreamworks and Disney’s Printables which allow the user to print off coloring and puzzle pages for the kids. Adults might like the Sudoku application.

I mentioned before that HP is stealing from the Apple playbook, but I have suddenly realized that App stores are the new business model for any piece of technology. Basically, you buy the tech, then you customize it with whatever you want. Indeed, it is a sign of the times of a very personal age of technology.


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