Motion Activated Picture Frame Brings Snow

by Mark R

really_snow_frameWe have reported on a lot of digital picture frames here at Coolest Gadgets, and I’ll tell you one thing: they are all alike. Well, for the most part they are.

I suppose what makes this photo frame different is that it is motion activated. Every time someone walks past it, an unusual effect begins to happen: it starts to snow.

That is, it snows in the 4 x 6 image. Hopefully you have an appropriately themed winter picture, or it could look a little odd. If you have a summer picture, perhaps you could have a caption reading: “Greeting from St. Helens”.

Some of you might think the motion-activated snow thing is just silly, like one of those snow globes that you shake and snows. At least you get to pick the scene.

I say, make the next version of this digital picture frame do more. Make so it rains when you pass by it, or better yet, make it do a meteor shower like the opening scene of Armageddon. The possibilities are just endless here.

Of course, adding those features would make the price go up a few notches, wouldn’t it? As it is, the price is at a very low $25.


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