NFL Regulations: Now Tweets before, during, or after games

nfl_logo_thumbSure, that Twitter thing has made our lives easier for others to keep track of, but the NFL isn’t really liking it too much.

The NFL has set up a new rule saying that players, coaches, as well as league officials are forbidden from posting tweets or Facebook updates 90 minutes before the game. They can all resume transmission after the post-game interviews are completed.

Of course, this “tweet ban” has always been in effect, but I suppose its like that NBA regulation of not hanging off of the rim. I mean, it says in the books not to do it, but all the cool B-Ball players do it, and no one seems to penalize them.

Some people attribute this tougher twitter policy with Donte Stalworth, a player who was arrested for DUI and manslaughter. Stalworth felt a need to tweet all about his arrest, suspension, and his incarceration, and sort of made the NFL look bad.

Personally, I think that NFL just doesn’t want a team’s playbook to be posted online. Do you really want to see a coach tweet: “Gonna try an Inside Charge play. Should be a good one.”

By the way, the NFL says that members of the media will be banned from posting game updates on Twitter or Facebook. Good luck with that.