Lunabrite Collar and Lead make your dog visible in the dark


There are all different types of lights you can wear when you’re out walking or biking in the dark to make it easier for drivers to see you.  If you’re one that takes a stroll with your dog at night, then you might as well put lights on the dog.  After all, it will keep your dog protected and you ensure that you’re not going to ruin someone’s  evening either.  Since obviously,  if someone ends up hitting your dog, it’s not going to make their day any better.  These lights from Luna Light Technology would make it possible to see your dog from a decent amount of distance away.

The collar is choke free and has both luminescent and reflective technology to make it easier to be spotted.  Both the collar and the lead have the same type lighting on them, making it simpler for people to spot you and the dog.  Since it is going to be used outside, they’ve made it so that both the collar and the lead are weather resistant.  They also won’t chip or peel from normal usage.  As of now there’s not a lot of information on availability, but you could always contact the company to find out information on that.

Source: Gizmodiva