YikeBike is one swell way to get around town

500x_yikebikeI love how innovative inventors are always challenging themselves to think of better and more fun ways of getting around town. Remember the eniCycle? Now enter the YikeBike.

By the way, see those handlebars in front? That is actually the seat of this 1.2 kilowatt electric motor powered carbon fiber foldable bike.

Yes, it is foldable. It only takes up 6 x 23.6 x 23.6 inches and weighs 22 pounds (10 kilograms). What is really interesting is it only takes 15 seconds to fold up.

Hard to believe that it really is electronic, and has an anti-skid system. It’s design is reminiscent of those old high-wheeler bikes that you see from the Victorian era? You know, the ones where the rides were at least three feet off the ground with a huge front tire? I always wondered how the riders got up there.

Not only does the YikeBike sound like something that Dr. Seuss would create, but I can totally see the Cat in the Hat riding one of these. You can watch a video of it after the jump, and just imagine the rider wearing one of those tall hats like Mike Myers in that really, really bad movie adaptation of Dr. Seuss classic book.

Anyway, this is a concept for now, but couldn’t someone just manufacture this? Please have it out at CES 2010. I want to ride it around the parking lot. I wonder how long it takes to learn to ride it.


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  1. Totally cool! The ad in the video gives the impression that the Yike is in production, if not I would love to know when production starts and what the entry-level price point is.

    Sweetness. Though they should make a pedal option/version to be totally green.

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