USB HDD Security Key hides your data

by Ally


For some security isn’t all that important, in that case protecting your laptop with a password is plenty.  However, that’s not the case for everyone and sometimes it just makes you feel better knowing you have added security even if you don’t have that much data stored on your laptop.  Well if you’d like just a little extra piece of mind you can pick up this Security Key.  It’ll make sure that you’re the only one capable of getting into your computer and seeing all of those important documents.  Even if they happen to get past your password, it won’t do them any good unless they have the key.

This key uses the free space of your hard drive to create partitions where you can save your private data.  When someone gets into your computer it’ll just appear as if the files aren’t even there.  The partitions won’t even show up until the key is plugged into your computer’s USB port.  It does all of this and at an extremely affordable price.  You get the USB Virtual HDD Key, the USB extension cable as well as the drive software and manual all for $12.69 from UXSight.

Source: TechChee

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