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Samsung does come up with their own range of digital cameras, and so it is no surprise to see the Korean consumer electronics giant unveil the WB5000, where this 12.5-megapixel camera will be accompanied by one of the most powerful lens ever offered on a Samsung compact digital camera. Further enlarging the advanced WB Series from Samsung, the WB5000 will feature a high-performance Schneider-KREUZNACH lens that boasts an impressive 24x optical zoom with a 26mm wide-angle focal length (35mm film equivalent focal range of 26mm-624mm), making it possible for one to utilize the WB5000 when it comes to shooting high-quality digital still images. Of course, for folks who think that video is a much better method when it comes to capturing memories, the WB5000 is also equally at home where recording 720p HD video in H.264 format is concerned.

Recording video in 720p resolution using H.264 compression is made possible on the WB5000 as it relies on an advanced codec that enables one to maximize storage space. In addition, the lens allows one to artistically zoom in and out when recording video, making sure the WB5000’s 26mm wide-angle focal length and 24x optical zoom are put to good use. Other features include Samsung’s Dual Image Stabilization that merges the best of optical and digital stabilization in order to further reduce blur even at its maximum zoom. Aperture and shutter priority can be controlled through the full manual shooting mode, making it an ideal bridge for those who are thinking of flirting with a DSLR in the future.

You can choose to use either the color electronic viewfinder (EVF) or 3″ LCD display when previewing your shots, while the easy-to-use Smartdial enables one to effortlessly navigate through the camera’s menu while making it a snap for users to choose from a variety of settings while reviewing their carefully composed images. Apart from that, Samsung has also thrown in their Perfect Portrait System, which includes Face Recognition, Face Detection, Smile Shot, Blink Detection and Samsung’s Beauty Shot, into the WB5000 for added flexibility. You game for a digital compact camera like this?

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