Lexmark’s New Line of All-in-one printers

by Mark R

01_lexmark_newLast time we reported on Lexmark, it was their X7675 Wireless Printer. The company has just recently announced the release of eight AOI (All in one) printers with many outstanding features.

The first stand-out feature is that these new models are web-connected. Sure, there are a lot of web-connected printers out on the market these days, but how many of them have 4.3 inch touchscreens capable of surfing the web? Three out of eight of these new models have this feature, and one of them is the Platinum, seen in the picture above left.

The second feature is the low-cost of ink, which we all want to see. Lexmark’s X105XL black ink cartridge could cut the cost to a penny per page with its suggested retail price point of $4.99.

Other features include Eco-mode, which “can save paper and energy with a touch of a button”, as well as a business card scanner that can automatically upload contact information to address book applications like Microsoft Outlook, Windows CE, or Palm OSTM.

These new Lexmark printers include the Platinum, Prestige, Prevail, Prospect, Interact, Intuition, Interpret, and the Impact. They will be available at retail stores everywhere in the next few weeks. Prices range from $99 for the Impact and the highest being the Platinum being $399.

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H Says: September 2, 2009 at 7:15 pm

@Chris: Eco-Mode turns-on the built-in duplexor and dials-back the ink coverage so that you genuinely use less ink.

Daniel Says: September 3, 2009 at 11:49 am

The very fact that I could get a black ink cartridge for a fiver makes it almost too tempting to pass up.

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