Cop Fridge Alarm


cop-fridge-alarmSome people just don’t have the common courtesy to refrain themselves from opening and raiding your fridge without permission – which is why you need someone like the Cop Fridge Alarm to prevent those thieving friends from making a quick swipe at your precious box of chocolates inside.

A built-in sensor detects whenever anyone approaches and the cop will issue a verbal warning. Simply put him on a shelf near the front of your fridge and he’ll tirelessly guard it day and night. No sneaky midnight feats will go unnoticed when he’s on duty! So, guard against fridge-raiding flatmates or help keep your figure in trim by giving your conscience a helping hand by setting a cop on guard!

Caters mostly to the US crowd due to the cop uniform, being pot-bellied while holding a donut. He is powered by a couple of AAA batteries and retails for £14.95.

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mdnomad Says: August 31, 2009 at 12:09 pm

I wish they had something like this for soda cans. I’m an addict and my girlfriend keeps buying coke when they are on sale… I try to stay away but just cant. Ive even looked into rigging one of those soda can fridge dispensers with a combination lock to keep me out.

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