The Bloom Flower Lamp


Clip-on lights rarely look even remotely stylish.  The usual look is a clunky black plastic lamp, but if you’re tired of that type, you can always pick up this lamp.  Since it does come in a great range of colors, the brighter colors will probably appeal to one bunch, while the neutral color will probably appeal to those that prefer their novelty lighting to be at least a little understated.  Of course both groups out of that are likely to be female, this isn’t your typical lamp  that would draw in the guys.

The small clip-on lamp uses 40-watt chandelier bulbs, which means you get the joy of either attempting to remember that or bringing in the old bulb to compare bulbs.  Sometimes I really wish they could simplify bulbs so I didn’t have to worry about what strange bulb goes with which light.  The Bloom lamp comes in tickled pink, vibrant green and then the classic ivory.  The lamp isn’t out just yet, you’ll be able to purchase it mid-September for $29.99 from Perpetual Kid.

Source: ChipChick